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Yuma, Arizona

A little bit about Yuma...

Forecast: Sunshine

Yuma is recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the sunniest place on earth with 339 bright days a year and less than 4 inches of rainfall annually.

"Normal" highs range from 68 degrees in January to 106 in July. The record high was 124 degrees in July, 1995; the record low was 19 degrees in January of 1937.

How to get here

Interstate 8 runs through Yuma; nearly 9 million cars annually enter Arizona from California on the highway. Highway 95 runs north to Interstate 10 and south to the Mexican border.

Direct daily commercial air service is available to Phoenix and Los Angeles. Commercial van shuttle service to and from the Phoenix airport also is available.

Passenger railroad service to Yuma is available through Amtrak; Yuma also has intercity bus service through Greyhound.

Car rentals are available at the airport and other locations; a variety of operators provide taxi service within the city and between area communities.

Yuma County Area Transit operates a scheduled fixed-route bus service within the city of Yuma and to the Foothills area, Wellton, Somerton, Gadsden and San Luis. For more information, go to www.ycat.org or call 928.783.8911.

Who we are

Yuma is the county seat and largest city of Yuma County. It is the 11th largest city in the state, with an estimated population (July 2007) of 88,687, up 14.4 percent from the 2000 count of 77,515. Yuma is the largest city in Arizona outside the metro areas of Phoenix and Tucson.

Yuma County has an estimated population of 190,557 (July 2007); population estimates for other areas of the county include: San Luis, 23,810; Somerton 10,015; Wellton, 1,891; and unincorporated Yuma county – Foothills, north Yuma Valley, Martinez Lake, etc. – 66,154. The ethnicity of the population reflects our border location and heritage, with about 55 percent of residents saying they are of Hispanic origin.

Where We Are

Yuma is located near the confluence of the Gila and Colorado Rivers in the southwest corner of the state, on the border with California and near the border with Mexico (the Mexican state of Sonora lies to the south, Baja California to the west).

The Colorado River, which defines the border between Arizona and California, runs along the city’s northern edge.

Yuma is nearly equidistant between Phoenix (178 miles) and San Diego (180 miles); also within a radius of just over 300 miles are Tucson, Las Vegas, Mexicali, Palm Springs and Los Angeles.

Yuma (and all of Arizona) is in the Mountain Time Zone, and does not observe daylight savings time, except on the Navajo Reservation.