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Yuma Area Fish

The Largemouth Bass is abundant; prefers clean water with structure and cover. Remains motionless near rocks, debris and overhanging vegetation. They generally move to deep water during the day, and return to shallow water to feed at night. They can be caught with surface lures, or for deep fishing with jigs or rubber worms. This fish is abundant in Yuma area canals and drains. Introduced from Africa into the lower Colorado River in an attempt to control aquatic plant problems. Tilapia feed almost entirely on aquatic vegetation, but can be caught with insects, crickets, worms and dough balls on small hooks. Abundant. Its head is broad and flat with small eyes and large mouth. The lower jaw projects beyond the upper jaw, and the tail fin is slightly notched. Found near cover in deeper, slower moving pools; may concregate below dams to feed. Can be caught with bloodbait, chicken livers, shad, goldfish, stinkbait or worms.
The Striped Bass may be found throughout the river. Like White Bass and Yellow Bass, they move in schools. Prefer open clear water. Can be caught on shad, anchovy, cut bait, spoons, plugs, jigs, crank bait and streamer flies. Abundant. The Channel Catfish is distinguished from other catfish by its forked tail. As with all catfish, sharp dorsal and pectoral spines can inflict painful injury. Forages actively at night in swift riffles, and cruises about searching the bottom for possible food. Can be caught with bloodbait, chicken livers, shad, goldfish, stinkbait or worms. Abundant. Bluegills are gregarious and tend to move in groups. They are distinguished by a blue-black spot on each gill cover. Prefer ponds and lakes. Insects are favored food, but they will eat anything they can get into their mouth. Can be caught on worms, small poppers, flies, small spinners and jigs.