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Hi all! I'm Liz, leader of this merry band since since they were tiny Daisies. The girls think I'm obsessed with scouting, but read about Green-necked leaders and you'll realize I'm perfectly normal. Really.

Shhhhhh!, don't tell the girls, but my real obsession is needlework. I love counted cross stitch (especially old fashioned samplers), quilting, needlepoint, and all kinds of needlework. in 2002, I got another blue ribbon, two red ribbons, and an honorable mention at the San Diego County Fair. I even have my very own needlework page.

I also enjoy reading (Jane Austen is my favorite author), classical music (Mozart rules!), Gilbert and Sullivan, swing dance, "Weird Al" Yankovic, cats and ducks, and a hot cup of coffee in the morning.

My camp name is Lizard and Sarah is my daughter. Rachel, my other daughter, is a 5th grade junior.

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