Hi! My name is Minx and I'm a Malamute. (That means I'm a dog.)
I'm the mascot for Girl Scout Troop 01101 I love to hike and be with people. Hiking with your dog can be a lot of fun if you take the time to learn somesimple rules.
For the safety of everyone on the trail, including your dog, please keep heror him on a leash while on the trail. We dogs love hiking with ourfamilies, but not everyone is happy to see us on the trails and some peopleare actively working to have us banned from trails in many states. The morepeople who are responsible with their animals on trails, the more peoplewill come to understand that we animals can be responsible as well. And wemake wonderful hiking partners!

Here's a couple of sites for you to learn more about taking your dog into thewilderness.
Happy hiking!

Hiking/Backpacking with Canines

WOLF PACKS - Dog Packs and Related Equipment for Dogs

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